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GitHub Package Ideas I Stole

One of my favorite sources of good ideas is looking at the GitHub repositories of others and modeling my repos after the good ideas I see others doing. Here's Steve Jobs on stealing ideas: In the past few weeks I've … Continue reading

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The Mechanics of Data Visualization

I recently presented about the mechanics of data visualization at the CLaRI Literacy Conference to a group of researchers, teachers and school administrators. The presentation is based on the work of Few (2012; 2009). While the presentation itself is not about … Continue reading

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Animations Understood

When I first saw a graphic made from Yihui’s animation package (Xie, 2013) I was amazed at the magic and thought “I could never do that”. Passage of time… One night I found myself bored and as usual avoiding work. … Continue reading

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Workflow w/ reports package

NOTE: THIS IS NOW A PACKAGE SEE THIS LINK FOR DETAILS Let me start with a video for people who just want to see what I’m demo-ing first: I’ve been interested in speeding up workflow lately and spending a lot … Continue reading

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