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ggplot2: How Geoms & Aesthetics ≈ Whipped Cream

In this post I have a few goals: 1. Become (re-)familiar with available geoms 2. Become (re-)familiar with aesthetic mappings in geoms (stroke who knew?) 3. Answer these questions: How often do various geoms appear and how often do they … Continue reading

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How do I re-arrange??: Ordering a plot re-revisited

Several years back I wrote a two part blog series in response to seeing questions about plotting and reordering on list serves, talkstats.com, and stackoverflow.  Part I discussed the basics of reordering plots by reordering factor levels.  The essential gist was: … Continue reading

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How do I re-arrange…?: Ordering a plot.

One of the most widely seen FAQ coming across list serves and R help sites is the question: “How do I re-arrange/re-order (plotting geom/aesthetic such as bar/labels) in a (insert plot type here) using(insert graphics system here) in R?” . … Continue reading

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Vice Presidential Debates with qdap-beta

After the presidential debates I used the beta version of qdap to provide some initial surface level analysis (LINK to Presidential Debates with qdap-beta). In the comments of that post, annon (a commenter) provided a link to an analysis/visualization that … Continue reading

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Add Text Annotations to ggplot2 Faceted Plot (an easier approach)

I recently posted a blog about adding text to a ggplot2 faceted plot (LINK). I was unhappy with the amount of time it takes to create the text data frame to then label the plot. And then yesterday when the … Continue reading

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Add Text Annotations to ggplot2 Faceted Plot

In my experience with R learners there are two basic types. The “show me the code and what it does and let me play” type and the “please give me step by step directions” type. I’ve broken the following tutorial … Continue reading

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