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qdap 2.1.1 Released

We’re very pleased to announce the release of qdap 2.1.1 What is qdap? qdap (Quantitative Discourse Analysis Package) is an R package designed to assist in quantitative discourse analysis. The package stands as a bridge between qualitative transcripts of dialogue … Continue reading

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qdap 1.3.1 Release: Demoing Dispersion Plots, Sentiment Analysis, Easy Hash Lookups, Boolean Searches and More…

We’re very pleased to announce the release of qdap 1.3.1 This is the latest installment of the qdap package available at CRAN. Several important updates have occurred since the 1.1.0 release, most notable the addition of two vignettes and some … Continue reading

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Sentence Drawing: Function vs. Art

I recently was reading the book “Functional Art” and came across the work of Stefanie Posavec. Her Sentence Drawings (click here to see and click here to learn) caught my attention. Here is a ggplot2 rendition: From what I understand … Continue reading

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knitr2wordpress and gradient_cloud Revisited

This post serves three function: It allows me to revisit an old blogpost It let's me test out the new-ish knitr function knti2wp and RWordPress It enables me to avoid the massive ammount of reading I need to do and … Continue reading

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Add Text Annotations to ggplot2 Faceted Plot (an easier approach)

I recently posted a blog about adding text to a ggplot2 faceted plot (LINK). I was unhappy with the amount of time it takes to create the text data frame to then label the plot. And then yesterday when the … Continue reading

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Add Text Annotations to ggplot2 Faceted Plot

In my experience with R learners there are two basic types. The “show me the code and what it does and let me play” type and the “please give me step by step directions” type. I’ve broken the following tutorial … Continue reading

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igraph and structured text exploration

I am in the slow process of developing a package to bridge structured text formats (i.e. classroom transcripts)  with the tons of great R packages that visualize and analyze quantitative data (If you care to play with a rough build … Continue reading

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