meI’m a husband and father of a 4 year old. I’m also literacy PhD student with a bent for the quantitative and a passion to improve our understanding of how children think. I use R to improve efficiency and effectiveness in my research tasks.


My research interests are:

• Data Visualization
• Discourse Analysis
• Engagement, Motivation and Feedback
• Multimodal Analysis
• Improving Research Methods

I have been an R users since January of 2011 and have learned a great deal from members at talkstats.com around both statistics and R usage.
I have also been a learner and responder on
stack.overflow as well.

I have developed/co-developed several packages on CRAN (pacmanqdap, qdapTools, qdapRegex, qdapDictionaries, regexr, and reports).

Development versions can be found here:

pacman    qdap     qdapTools      qdapRegex      qdapDictionaries     regexr     reports    
reportsgithub    reports           reports                reports             reports  reports


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