meI’m a husband and father of 2 awesome girls. I have a bent for the quantitative and a passion for text. I use R to improve efficiency and effectiveness in my research tasks.


My research interests are:

• Data Visualization
• Discourse Analysis
• Text Analysis
• Improving Research Methods

I have been an R users since January of 2011 and have learned a great deal from members at talkstats.com around both statistics and R usage.
I have also been a learner and responder on
stack.overflow as well.

I have developed/co-developed several packages on CRAN (pacmanqdap, sentimentr, qdapRegex, lexicon, textshape, and textclean).



2 Responses to About

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  2. B. says:

    Hi Tyler,
    An answer on StackOverflow you made years ago is still helping people years later with their research–it’s helping me tremendously, thank you.
    I’ve asked a new question related to the answer you posted, just in case you have the time to look at it.
    Thank you again.

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