The Mechanics of Data Visualization

I recently presented about the mechanics of data visualization at the CLaRI Literacy Conference to a group of researchers, teachers and school administrators. The presentation is based on the work of Few (2012; 2009).


While the presentation itself is not about R directly, the slides were created by reports(Rinker, 2013)/slidify (Vaidyanathan, 2012) and most of the graphics were also created within R. I have included the following for your learning:

  1. YouTube Video of the presentation
  2. The presentation slides
  3. The .Rmd and .bib to create the presentation
  4. The extra_functions.R file

Video of the Presentation


  • Stephen Few, (2009) Now you see it: Simple visualization techniques for quantitative
  • Stephen Few, (2012) Show me the numbers: Designing tables and graphs to enlighten.
  • Tyler Rinker, (2013) reports: Package to asssist in report writing.
  • R. Vaidyanathan, (2012) slidify: Generate reproducible html5 slides from R markdown.

You feedback is greatly appreciated! Please post comments below.

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Data Scientist, open-source developer , #rstats enthusiast, #dataviz geek, and #nlp buff
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