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reshape (from base) Explained: Part II

Part II Explains More Complex  Wide to Long With base reshape  In part I of this base reshape tutorial we went over the basics of reshaping data with reshape.  We learned two rules that help us to be more efficient … Continue reading

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reshape (from base) Explained: Part I

This Post Will Explain the Basics of Wide to Long With base reshape (part I) Often your data set is in wide format and some sort of analysis or visualization requires putting the data set into long format.  Hadely Wickham … Continue reading

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Function to Generate a Random Data Set

Often I find myself needing data sets to try functions and code out on or for teaching purposes.  I have a few stand-bys such as the mtcars and CO2 data sets in the base packages of R but sometimes I … Continue reading

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The Need for paste2 (part III)

Final installment:  Part III of a multi part blog on the paste2 function… In my first post on the paste2 function I promised proof of a few practical uses.  In Part II of this series we looked at using paste2 … Continue reading

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