LRA 2014- Communication Nomads: Blogging to Reclaim Our Academic Birthright


I have been asked to speak at the 2014 LRA Conference on the topic of Academic Blogging.

Time: 1:15-2:15
Location: Islands Ballroom Salon B – Lobby Level
My Slides:
My Précis:

The talk is part of a larger alternative session: Professors, We Need You!!! – Public Intellectuals, Advocacy, and Activism. This session “will engage participants in dialogue about how to transform the Literacy Research Association’s (LRA’s) role in advocacy for literacy learning and instruction among children, families, and educators through social media, open access spaces, and other channels.” Please join us if you’re at #LRA14

Session Organizer: Carla K. Meyer, Appalachian State University
Chair: William Ian O’Byrne, University of New Haven
Discussant: Norman A. Stahl, Northern Illinois University

About tylerrinker

Data Scientist, open-source developer , #rstats enthusiast, #dataviz geek, and #nlp buff
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