qdap 0.2.2 released

I’m very pleased to announce the release of qdap 0.2.2


This is the third installment of the qdap package available at CRAN. The qdap package automates many of the tasks associated with quantitative discourse analysis of transcripts containing discourse, including frequency counts of sentence types, words, sentence, turns of talk, syllable counts and other assorted analysis tasks. The package provides parsing tools for preparing transcript data but may be useful for many other language processing tasks. Many functions enable the user to aggregate data by any number of grouping variables providing analysis and seamless integration with other R packages that undertake higher level analysis and visualization of text.

 The biggest change is that qdap now is compiled for Mac users!!!  No need to download from source.  Just use:


Some of the changes in version 0.2.2 include:


  • tot_plot– a visualizing function that uses a bar graph to visualize patterns in sentence length and grouping variables by turn of talk.
  • beg2char and char2end– functions to grab text from beginning of string to a character or from a character to the end of a string.
  • ngrams– function to calculate ngrams by grouping variable.


  • genXtract labels returned the word “right” rather than the right edge string. See here for an example of the old behavior. This behavior has been fixed.
  • gradient_cloud‘s min.freq locked at 1. This has been fixed. (Manuel Fdez-Moya)
  • termco would produce an error if single length named vectors were passed to match.list and no multilength vectors were supplied. Also an error was thrown if an unnamed multilength vector was passed to match.list. This behavior has been fixed.

For a complete list of changes see qdap’s NEWS

Development Version

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2 Responses to qdap 0.2.2 released

  1. earino says:

    Howdy! I was wondering if there is any kind of walkthrough/tutorial/howto on how to leverage QDAP? I’m coming at it from a bit of knowledge of RTextTools and more knowledge from Python’s NLTK, but this package seems pretty fantastic!


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