reports 0.1.2 Released

I’m very pleased to announce the release of reports : An R package to assist in the workflow of writing academic articles and other reports.

This is the first CRAN release of reports:

The reports package assists in writing reports and presentations by providing a frame work that brings together existing R, LaTeX/.docx and Pandoc tools. The package is designed to be used with RStudio, MiKTex/Tex Live/LibreOffice, knitr, knitcitations, Pandoc and pander (and installr for Windows users). The user will want to download these free programs/packages to maximize the effectiveness of the reports package. Functions with two letter names are general text formatting functions for copying text from articles for inclusion as a citation.


Github development version:

As reports is further developed the following are planned: (a) a help video section and (b) a vignette detailing workflow and use of reports.

Check out this introductory video:

Quick start slides:

HTML5 Slides
HTML5 Slides

For more on the potential use of reports see this blog post.

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7 Responses to reports 0.1.2 Released

  1. Kume's Log says:

    Hei, Tylerrinker,
    Just to congratulate you because the “qdap” package: You did a great job. I do used it very often. Thank you once again for making our minds more structured with reports. Great idea!!!

  2. really nice work; hope to post an example soon and integrate into my workflow; thanks

  3. Tal Galili says:

    Thanks for the mention of installr 🙂


    • tylerrinker says:

      No problem Tal. It fits nicely with the reports package. Originally, I had an install_pandoc function in the package but removed it as installr grabs a lot of the key programs used by reports.

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  6. Francisco Correia says:

    It really helps structuring the work. Great work!

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